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We’re not just a bunch of code-crunching machines.

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Sure, we’re part of a pretty big family in Exertis, but that doesn’t mean that we’re all corporate and no personality. Our people are the reason we are who we are, and why we’re here. We’re all an integral part of the process, and we all approach our work with curiosity and a desire to better ourselves and continually improve the work we do. That means we make better products and experiences for people, just like you.
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  • Anders Hagberg

    our agile midnight hacker, The Architect, this inventor of “swipe to unlock” only slightly regrets giving up semi-pro gokarting and will be the first to dive into any new tech we can get our hands on

    Anders Hagberg

    Technical Director

  • Mathieu Villatte

    Never taking his eye off the ball, Mathieu’s the driving force of our commercial team – as long as Roger Federer isn’t serving

    Mathieu Villatte

    Business Development Director

  • Kim Wanoa

    Cappuccino-addict and Towerfall Rising Star, meet Ztorm’s party-planning Kiwi

    Kim Wanoa

    Operations Manager

  • Jemez Meyers

    Born and raised in America, if Jemez isn’t surfing you can usually find him spending time with his son or working on the EA partnership.

    Jemez Meyers

    Business Development Manager

  • Daniel Eklind

    Daniel Eklind

    Senior Developer

  • JJ Watts

    JJ Watts

    Key Management/Support Specialist

  • Noa Källkvist

    Noa Källkvist

    ComOps Coordinator

  • Mark Greenway

    Retro gamer, coffee and cheese addict

    Mark Greenway

    Partner Development Manager

  • William van Kerkvoorde

    William van Kerkvoorde

    Managing Director

  • Candice McNeil

    Candice McNeil

    Software Category Manager

  • Thomas Andersson

    Thomas Andersson

    Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Alexander Mellström

    Massive football fan who loves/hates watching Celtic play.

    Alexander Mellström

    Publisher Development Manager

  • Mike Bembridge

    Mike Bembridge

    Head of Commercial

We do it all. Here.


Level 3,
Långholmsgatan 34
117 33 Stockholm

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